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Bro J
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December 2009
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Bro J [userpic]

The quiet confidence of those who are secure in their abilities and/or human worth is always an interesting contrast the the way that insecure people try and throw around their authority (which is never quite as great as they seem to believe it is).

At one time I sometimes got rubbed the wrong way by the latter sort of people.  Nowadays they seem more laughable than ever, but I do get a little discouraged about my fellow humans.

People are so weird.

Drama disclaimer: no, I don't mean you.  Or you, you, or you!  But actually maybe it means YOU :p !

This was sparked off tonight by a weird and funny interaction with someone who probably doesn't even have an LJ (although it applies to a whole lot of humans in general; this particular one I feel sad and a little worried for). 

So if your skin started to burn for a minute--check your own nuts and not mine.  I know how things can get when no names are mentioned.  Sometimes a need to vent can turn into a whole shitstorm, it seems.  Would like to unload without lighting a fire, however.